No matter what, you get it!
FOH, Monitor, Live Recording, ask for it!

Front of House Sound

Get exceptional sound quality for your live event or performance with me as your professional Front of House Audio Engineer with Waves on Digico, Allen & Heath or almost any other digital audio desk!

Monitor Audio Mix

As a skilled and experienced Monitor Engineer, I specialize in delivering exceptional sound quality for bands and musicians. From setting up and operating all types of monitor equipment to fine-tuning the sound to perfection, I will work closely with you to ensure a smooth and successful performance.

Live Recording

Looking to capture the energy and emotion of your live event or performance? With my professional Live Recording services, you can preserve the magic of your event for years to come. Using the latest technology and techniques, I specialize in delivering high-quality recordings that truly capture the essence of your performance.

Audio Technician

PA System and Ampcity, Microphone and Stands, Cases and Dollys, Stage and Show has to be set up with Hands and Manpower!
Load In and Setup, Tear down and load out.
If you need two hands and the knowledge, here we go!

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Get in touch

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Get an Estimate

Book an Audio Engineer

Book an Audio Engineer

Get Your Audio Experience!

Get Your Audio Experience!


Hi, I am Stephan, and I could be your audio engineer for your project!
No matter if it is for your concert or festival, as your new engineer for your band, or as technician to build the next stage.

I've startet as an audio engineer in small venues for around 100 people with a Roland 16 analog desk, 4 bands every 2nd Friday every month. Starting with no knowledge, I learned most of the things by my self.

Now I am familiar with lot of different desk's like Digico SD Series, Allen & Heath d-live, Avantis and GLD, Midas pro1 and m32, Yamaha CL5 and QL1, just to name some of them. I also love and like to use Waves Plugins whenever possible.


Address: Göppingen, Deutschland
Phone: +49 176 20 17 35 51
Email: [email protected]


Monday – Friday: 10am – 8pm
Saturday: 10am – 8pm
Sunday: 12am – 8pm

In case of an emergency,
try your luck and call me!


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